Monday, March 31, 2008

Danity Kane Tops The Charts!

Danity Kane(survivors of Making The Band) are top on the pop charts! Danity Kane's "Welcome to the Dollhouse" has sold 236,000 copies in the first week and counting. This gives them their second #1 album. Way to go ladies!

R&B Singer Case Signs New Deal, Album Coming Soon

R&B singer Case is "suppose" to be making a comeback. The guy that mad the hits "Happily Ever After" with Beyonce in the video mr...touch me...tease He's been gone for a while so I'm trying to ensure that you remember him! Well he was suppose to release a album LAST YEAR then later stated it would be released in 2008. He is working with Timbaland, T-Pain and a few others so be on the look out for him!

Singer Sean Levert Has Died At Age 39

The R&B community has lost another singer. Brother of Legendary singer Gerald Levert has died. This is really sad being that his brother passed only a couple years ago. Levert was put in jail for not paying child support and he became sick. No certain cause of his death has really been specified besides him hallucinating and having high blood pressure while in jail. These past few years have been really hard for the Levert family, my heart goes out to them.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chris Brown continues to deny relationship with Rihanna

I'm quite sure most people have heard the gossip about Chris Brown and Rihanna Dating, well they seem to deny the talks of them being a couple.

They both attended the Kids Choice Awards and walked the Orange carpet separately. "We're not in a relationship or anything," Brown told The Associated Press before Saturday's slime-filled ceremony. Chris claims he is single and him and Rihanna are just friends. Rihanna by passed the press at the ceremony, no words from her. Hmm, if they are dating they are definitely trying to keep this out of the media spotlight as a few artists who date seem do. Regardless of if they are together or not, they're both great artists and it seems like no one can get enough of them so this gossip is no surprise!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Artists create their own social networking websites

50 Cent has more than 1 million friends on MySpace, but if the rapper ever decides to leave the social network, he'll be leaving behind those friends, too. So like a growing number of artists, he's started his own social networking site.
The name of the website is, fans get the same exact features that myspace has, but 50 Cent has direct access to users and their e-mail addresses.
Kylie Minogue, Ludacris and the Pussycat Dolls are all also launching their own social networking sites. Artists can sell advertisements offer merchandise and downloads straight from the site. Also they own the content and data on how fans use the site, a feature myspace and facebook do not have.

"The thing that separates Thisis50 from MySpace is we control the e-mail database," says Chris "Broadway" Romero, director for new media at G-Unit Records, which handles Thisis50. "We can e-mail members if we want to."

These new networks are not meant to replace facebook or myspace. This is basically for the fans.

So if you are a fan of any of the artists listed above, check out their social networking websites!

Kelly receives Capital Icon award in London for DC3[Request]

Destiny Child recieves a award! They still remain strong even though the group has part ways. I remember when the group first came out, they were all like 16-17 years old. They hit the music scene hard and made a almost instant impact. They had their ups and downs, when through trial and tribulations, and when they did break-up to go their separate ways, they went out on top. Everyone is doing their own solo thing right now and I wish them all the best. Kelly's past album "ms kelly" AMAZING! Much love to DC3!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fan sings J. Holiday "Bed"

This seems to be an all-time favorite song for J. Holiday fans to sing and she didn't do bad...not bad at all!

Celine Dion postpones concerts

Singer Celine Dion has postponed a series of Australian concerts as part of her world tour due to a throat infection.

Dion is in Australia as part of her first world tour in 10 years, with concerts set for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

"Her doctor has instructed her to rest for an additional 48 hours in order to be fully recovered," her publicists said in a statement on Friday.

The infection forced Dion to postpone her Melbourne and Brisbane concerts earlier in the week, with two Sydney concerts also now postponed for a week.

Hopefully she feels better so she can finish up her tour, after all it's been 10 years since she's been on a world tour. Get well Celine!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rapper T.I. expected to make guilty plea

Rapper T.I. was expected to plead guilty today (March 27) to federal weapons charges and will face prison time, according to two people familiar with his case.

The 27-year-old artist, whose real name is Clifford Harris, was expected to be sentenced to 1,500 hours of community service talking to youth groups around the country, followed by about 12 months in prison, according to two people familiar with the negotiations who spoke on condition of anonymity because the plea deal had not been finalized yet Thursday morning.

Harris' prison time could be increased or reduced, depending on his fulfillment of the terms of the deal and good behavior, the two people familiar with the negotiations said. His talks to youth groups are supposed to be about the pitfalls of guns, gangs and drugs.

The U.S. Attorney in Atlanta announced a change-of-plea hearing was scheduled for this afternoon at the federal courthouse. Prosecution officials were expected to speak to the media after the hearing. U.S. District Judge Charles Pannell Jr. must approve the deal.

Harris was arrested Oct. 13, 2007, just blocks away and hours before he was to headline the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta.

He was charged with possession of unregistered machine guns and silencers, as well as possession of firearms by a convicted felon. He faced a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each count.

Harris was allegedly trying to buy unregistered machine guns and silencers. He initially pleaded not guilty, and has been under house arrest since he was released on $3 million bond Oct. 26.

Outkast road manger(pro-wrestler) Chase Tatum found dead

Chase Tatum(far left)

Chase Tatum, a 34-year-old former wrestler, was found dead at his Atlanta home on Sunday. He suffered an apparent and accidental overdose of drugs, his father said.

Tautum was a wrestler for the now-disappeared World Championship Wrestling Organization (WCW). He had recently appeared in the comedy movie 'Who's Your Caddy?', with rapper Big Boi, of Outkast fame.

Roy Tatum, Chase's father, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that his son was found in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. Apparently, he was about to enter rehabilitation.

Chase Tatum had been recovering from back surgery to repair a degenerative disc. His father said the former wrestler had been fighting a dependence to painkillers for years but had been planning to enter a rehabilitation center.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Burned CDs: For how long will they last?

It seems as if everyone is burning CDs these days. No one is heading out to the store to buy the original printed CDs anymore, but do the burn CDs last? According to an article on PC, burned CDs have a shorter lifespan. It may depend on the brand of the CD or the environment that you keep it in. I would think a CD left in the inside of your car sitting in a small compartment in the middle of the summer is more likely to not last as long as a CD that's placed in it's case or in a sleeve away from heat. I've had a few burned CDs that have been through everything and I mean EVERYTHING and they are perfectly find. Sooner or later everything gets worn out, even that ipod that you may revolve all of your music needs around. Technology has given us so many ways to enjoy music, so when one way fails there are plenty more options to explore!