Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Burned CDs: For how long will they last?

It seems as if everyone is burning CDs these days. No one is heading out to the store to buy the original printed CDs anymore, but do the burn CDs last? According to an article on PC, burned CDs have a shorter lifespan. It may depend on the brand of the CD or the environment that you keep it in. I would think a CD left in the inside of your car sitting in a small compartment in the middle of the summer is more likely to not last as long as a CD that's placed in it's case or in a sleeve away from heat. I've had a few burned CDs that have been through everything and I mean EVERYTHING and they are perfectly find. Sooner or later everything gets worn out, even that ipod that you may revolve all of your music needs around. Technology has given us so many ways to enjoy music, so when one way fails there are plenty more options to explore!