Saturday, January 31, 2009

Farewell To Danity Kane

R&b group Danity Kane has called it quits. Just to let you know a little history on the situation with that, the group has been having it's share of problems. Aubrey O'Day and D. Woods were kicked out of the group by Diddy(of course) and from that point it's been a downhill fall for them. After the first two members departures Shannon Bex also left the group, therefore only leaving two members Aundrea Fimbres and Dawn Richard. The new season of "Making The Band" will showing the two remaining members and of course the drama surrounding the break up. In a statement released by Dawn she says, "I'm still surprised at it all. I'm still trying to recover from the first fire." "So I'm still confused. I still don't know. I'm just being so honest. I have no idea."

Well she's surprised but I'm not! Having Diddy as your boss? Who wouldn't go crazy? I never liked the way he handled the group. I actually like Danity Kane. They didn't do bad at all in their short career, pretty successful they were. Every group that Diddy seems to create from Making The Band just falls apart. I think the show needs to be canceled and stopped because it always turns messy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Storms Through Charts

Pop singer Kelly Clarkson will make history as she moves into the top spot this week on the Billboard Hot 100 with her new single "My Life Would Suck Without You". Why will she make history? Well she is set to jump from No. 97 to the top spot which is the biggest jump in the singles chart 50 year history. Her single has already sold 280,000 digital downloads.

Its seems as if people are really rocking with Ms. Clarkson this year! Good for her a strong comeback is what every artist needs after a break.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Diddy/Beyonce/Jay-Z At Obama Inauguration(Photo Of The Week)

Here is a picture of Diddy, Beyonce, and Jay-Z attending the Presidential Inauguration earlier this week. I must say that hat Jay-Z is wearing looks a ridiculous mess but it's nice to see everyone all smiles on such a historic day!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Akon Doesn't Know His Own Age

Akon claims to not know his own age. According to the Associated Press he released a statement saying, "All it's going to do is depress me." "I don't want to know I'm getting older. Then I'll start to think about getting checkups and insurance. I don't want that." Akon says he has a birth certificate that shows he was born April 16, 1977 which would make him 31. In 2006 he claimed his age was 26, however he's "not sure". The comments about him not wanting to think about going to the doctor and having insurance are just stupidity. Making sure that you are in good health should be done whether you're young or old. He really needs to stop with all the foolishness. I wonder what made him come flying out of no where claiming not to know his age. He hasn't been caring why care now!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Please Don't Call Michelle A Hot Mess!

Here's a video of Michelle Williams responding to someone on Youtube that called her a "hot mess". She decides to waste 5 minutes of her life addressing that individual. To be honest it is all a bunch of foolishness. She is spending time responding to something that is not even worth her time. Oh Michelle you CLEARLY lost some cool points for this one!

Today We Celebrate Aaliyah's Birthday!

Today marks R&b singer Aaliyah's 30th birthday. She was born January 16, 1979. To many of us she's known as LiLi, Babygirl or Liyah. It's hard to imagine that she is no longer here with us, sometimes it seems unreal. I would rather not to speak on her death, that's why when August 25th(the day she passed) comes around I hate to even acknowledge that day. I prefer to remember the life she lived rather than death.

Her personality was one of the main things I truly loved about her, she was always so humble and down to earth. I truly wish their were more people in the world that had the type of humbleness she had. At the time of her passing she was rising in her career. Her death was one of the ones that I've always questioned why? Her life was taking away so fast and so soon it just doesn't seem fair. If her life was not cut short she would be one of the most prominent artists of today. She was truly one in a million and she will be forever missed but NEVER forgotten.

RIP Aaliyah Dana Haughton Jan. 16th 1979-Aug. 25th 2001

Aaliyah-One In A Million

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ray J Is Entering The World Of Reality Shows

Well it seems like r&b singer Ray J has been pulled into the whirlwind of VH1's reality shows. "For The Love Of Ray J" is set to air Feb 2. 10/9c. The show will be the same as all reality shows Vh1 airs, as usually a group of women will compete to be Ray J's main lady.

VH1 is starting to get on my nerves with the reality shows with the same plot. I've tuned in to watch the majority of them but it's starting to bore me, although I must say when the reunion shows are quite entertaining! The most recent one "Real Chance Of Love"...what a mess, I would rather not comment much on that one, but of course despite me not really liking them more than likely I will tune in to watch a few episodes of it just to see if anything "different" will occur, with the contestants that is. Don't worry I won't get my hopes up.

To view the contestants click here

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chris Brown In Rihanna Are Engaged?

Rumor has it that Chris Brown and Rihanna are engaged. It's said that he popped the question on New Years day. There has a been a buzz all over the internet about it lately, but no official statement has been released to confirm it. If they are congrads to them. I honestly don't see the big deal about it.

I know both Chris and RiRi work so hard to keep their personal relationship private, but I think they are actually making the situation worst. I don't think the media would make such a big deal out of their relationship if they were just upfront about it. The media just LOVES when celebrities try and keep secrets!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lil Wayne On ESPN

Lil Wayne makes a guest appearance on ESPN. Gotta love the glasses! I actually like the look.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Katy Perry And Travis McCoy Call It Quits

Katy Perry(24) and Travis McCoy(27) have ended their relationship. The two were together for about a years before deciding to call it quits just before new years. According to E online expressed his feelings about the situation on his blog at If you are not familiar with Perry her smash hit was "I Kissed A Girl" which she received a grammy nomination for and McCoy is the lead singer in the band Gym Class Heroes.

Oh well I guess they both felt like they needed a fresh start in 2009, unfortunately apart from one another.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

50 Cent's Reality Show Flops

In recent news MTV has reported that they will cancel 50 Cent's reality show "The Money & The Power" due to disappointing ratings. The show surrounded 14 aspiring rap moguls who were in competition for a grand prize of 100,000. Only six episodes of the show were aired.

I seen a few of the episodes, and really didn't like it. The reality thing just doesn't fit him. 50 Cent's new album "Before I Self Destruct" is set to be released this month, hopefully his album won't flop like the reality show did.