Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ray J Is Entering The World Of Reality Shows

Well it seems like r&b singer Ray J has been pulled into the whirlwind of VH1's reality shows. "For The Love Of Ray J" is set to air Feb 2. 10/9c. The show will be the same as all reality shows Vh1 airs, as usually a group of women will compete to be Ray J's main lady.

VH1 is starting to get on my nerves with the reality shows with the same plot. I've tuned in to watch the majority of them but it's starting to bore me, although I must say when the reunion shows are quite entertaining! The most recent one "Real Chance Of Love"...what a mess, I would rather not comment much on that one, but of course despite me not really liking them more than likely I will tune in to watch a few episodes of it just to see if anything "different" will occur, with the contestants that is. Don't worry I won't get my hopes up.

To view the contestants click here