Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shug Knight Arrested For Beating Girlfriend

I must say this doesn't surprise me coming from Shug Knight. He was jailed on Wednesday for beating his girlfriend. Police arrived on the scene of the incident around 6:30am where they found Shug Knight on top of his girlfriend beating her in a parking lot. Knight a folded knife in his hand during the incident which he dropped upon being taken into custody. The woman was not stabbed but treated at a hospital for injuries. He posted a 19,000 bail Wednesday with a promise to appear Sept. 26 in Las Vegas Justice Court.

According to eonline,police said Knight and the woman argued in the vehicle while Knight was driving before he allegedly punched her in the head.

"The victim purposely grabbed the steering wheel and caused the vehicle to hit the curb," police said in a statement. Police said the woman tried to run away, but Knight caught her.

Shug Knight should have beat up the guy that knocked his ass out a couple months ago instead of his girlfriend!