Thursday, November 20, 2008

Suge Knight Blames The Police And Kanye West For His Problems!

Suge Knight founder of Death Row Records is pointing the finger at everyone these days when it comes to the problems in his life. According to TMZ he filed a suit against Kanye West claiming that he is responsible for the shooting at a party in Miami back in 2005 and the lost of his 135,000 earring. In recent news he is now blaming Bartsow police for losing his earrings after being transfered from different detention centers in 2005. Knight is also facing assault charges for beating a women in a parking lot in Las Vegas.

How ironic Suge Knight whining about losing his earrings while he was locked up. He acts like the process of going to jail is new to him, as if he so special he can't lose a earring. He really needs to get over it!

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