Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hudson Murders Seem Too Suspicious

In recent news William Balfour who is married to Jennifer Hudson's sister(Juila Hudson) has been charged for the murders of Hudson's mother, brother and nephew. According to the Associated Press Balfour has a very troubling past. He is said to be a high school drop out and has been arrested for possession of marijuana many times in the past dating way back to 1996. He married Juila Hudson back in December of 2006 and the marriage has went down hill since then.

I have been following this on going story every since it started and something just doesn't seem right to me. I honestly believe that Balfour was not the one who did the killings and if by any chance he was involved he definitely had some help. The whole situation is just was too suspicious and Jennifer's sister Juila she seems a bit suspicious also. Sooner or later the truth will come out because I think someone knows more than what they are telling the police and investigators.