Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So It's Like That Now Mary J and Jay-Z?

Well it seems like Mary J Blige and Jay-Z are in the hot seat for stealing a beat. Jermaine Jumpp and Michael C. Adams have accused them of taking the beat for Mary J's hit single "Enough Cryin". They have now filed a lawsuit against Mary J and Jay-Z. Jumpp and Adams claimed that they gave Rodney "Darkchild" Jenkins who was the producer on Blige's album "The Breakthrough" a disk titled "On My Grind" back in 2001 which later appeared on The Breakthrough as "Enough Cryin". What does Jay-Z have to do with all this? He was a co writer on the song, so yes his ass is getting sued too!

That's crazy, "Enough Cryin" was my jam!