Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rihanna Will Delay Malaysia Performance After Being Assaulted

Singer Rihanna has delayed her performance in Malaysia this week following being assaulted by Chris Brown. The two got into a argument after leaving the Pre-Grammy party Saturday night while riding in the car. The situation seemed to escalate leading to a physical altercation and unfortunately Rihanna came out on the bad side. She suffered serious bruising. According to authorities her injures were "horrific". For all you fans over in Malaysia sit tight, hopefully Rihanna will reschedule after she makes a full recovery.

What the hell was Chris thinking is what I want to know. It's hard to really comment on the situation right now because there are so many details messing. It seems to have been a serious situation obviously for Chris to beat Rihanna that bad. The sad thing about it his career is going to take a hit because of all this. I will keep you posted on this developing story, stay tuned!