Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ricky Martin[Throwback Artist Of The Month]

Ricky Martin clenches the title of this month's throwback artist. Some people may say how can he be a "throwback" artist he's still around? Well I live in the States and over here we haven't really heard from this guy in years. Martin is a pop/latin singer who is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico and later moved to New York. He was a member of the group Latin Boy Band Menudo back in the early 90s. Martin later left the group to pursue a solo career and released his first album in 1991. Martin's biggest hit single "Livin' The Vida Loca" was one of the biggest reasons for the success of his 1999 album which sold 17 million copies worldwide. Of course the success sooner or later had to come to a halt(well for him it did). He released a follow-up album in 2000 titled "Sound Loaded" which didn't do as well and barely made it on the charts. Martin didn't stop there he went on the release 5 more albums but none of course were as successful as his 1999 album "Ricky Martin" and he has yet to release a hit single as big as "Livin' The Vida Loca".

He is still very active in latin music but hasn't had a hit in the U.S. in years, but he has been touring(Latin America) and actually released an unplugged album last year.