Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dave Hollister[Throwback Artist Of The Month]

Lovenheartmusic's throwback artist of the month goes to R&B singer Dave Hollister! If you remember the group blackstreet, then you should remember Dave Hollister. He was part of the group but left to venture out and pursue a solo career. Before he ever made his mark in R&B music he was a gospel singer singing in church. He also happens to be the cousin to Ki-Ci and JoJo. His first solo album was "Ghetto Hymns" which he released back in 1999. "My Favorite Girl" became one of his biggest hits from the album. Hollister's single "One Woman Man" from his second album did exceptionally well on the r&b charts making a peak at #8. In 2006 Hollister released his fifth album "The Book Of David Vol 1 The Transition". Dave Hollister is truly gifted, a very talented guy. Hopefully he will be making a strong comeback soon!

Here's "My Favorite Girl" music video.