Sunday, May 11, 2008

DMX In Trouble AGAIN!

DMX has been arrested for possession of drugs and animal cruelty. Authorities searched his home and found weapons, drugs, and abused pitbulls. When authorities went to arrest him he barricaded himself in his bedroom, he eventually came out and was hauled off to jail for the SECOND time in one week. He was arrested prior to this past arrest for speeding(something he is arrested for EVERY year) about 114 miles on the interstate.

I've sort of followed the story for a few days now and it's just nonsense. DMX gets arrested every year for doing the same things! It's just stupid, and you would think he'd learn from seeing other celebrities such as Micheal Vick getting in deep trouble when it comes to animal cruelty. Oh well, whatever happens to him he deserves it. I think the law needs to stop playing around with DMX and really let him suffer the consequences for his actions.