Friday, May 2, 2008

Yung Berg Beefs With Bow Wow

Well Yung Berg seems to have a problem with Bow Wow. He threw a couple shots at Bow in his single "Do That There" and by no surprise 50 Cent is behind the beef. Yung Berg states,"First and foremost, 50 told me some smart shit. 50 told me move him (Bow Wow) out the game, period. He told me to crush him. He told me demolish him," “He told me do the ‘Do That There’ remix with him on it and then come up with my diss record and totally move him out of music. Yung Berg says that him and Bow are cool but Berg wants Bow to appear on a track "One Night" that features Trey Songz. Berg says, "If he doesn’t because he doesn’t want to, that’s fine. If he doesn’t because he doesn’t get cleared because of his current situation, I’m on his head again."

First and foremost...LMAO!

I remember when this beef started a while back between Yung Berg and Bow Wow, it was stupid then and it's even MORE stupid now that 50 Cent has added his ignorance. Who the hell takes advice from 50 Cent?! As for Yung Berg whining about Bow Wow being on his track...PLEASE, let's be honest, Bow Wow hasn't even gain that much respect in the rap game, so why is Yung Berg all over him? They both are lame end of story.

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