Monday, May 5, 2008

Foxy Brown Hit With A Lawsuit!

Foxy Brown was recently released from jail for serving 8 months for violating probation but she's still not out of the hot seat yet! Foxy swung and hit a woman with her BlackBerry last year. The woman(Arlene Raymond) was taken to the hospital for a swollen lip and loose tooth. She is now filing a lawsuit against the rapper. Foxy Brown was suppose to show up to court today but didn't so the judge has issued a bench warrant for her arrest.

Foxy Brown is really the queen of drama. Every since she's gotten out of jail I don't think she's missed a day in the news. As for the lady claiming to sue Foxy...she's broke, the best thing she can do is GIVE her money. I think Foxy Brown needs some anger management classes. Why is she slapping people with BlackBerries?! LMAO! If she goes back to jail serves her right.

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