Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 26 vs Danity Kane

Day 26 is the loser, Danity Kane wins! Well we have to give Day 26 some props because they DID take the #1 spot the first week. I'm sorry to report but their album sales of 190,000 just wasn't enough to knock DK out of the ring(sold 236,000 albums first week). I'm not even going to get into album sales as of right now because DK has applied the TKO, SMACKDOWN!

"They got out the first week when everyone was anticipating," explains Mike. "That's why they got more sales than us. People got a little broke and then the next week we came out, they ain't have no money."

What a thoughtful excuse from Mike. Maybe it was just too much girl power. HA!

Both Day 26 and DK have a lot of respect for each other and they battled hard. I personally think Day 26 has the better album, just my opinion. Congratulations to the both of them but I think it's safe to say DK all the way!