Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Throwback Artists Of The Month...Hi-Five!

If you are 18 years or younger, there's a possibility that you don't remember these guys. Hi-Five was a music group that formed in 1990, out of Waco Texas. They were a very successful group. Their biggest singles "I Like The Way(Kissing Game)" and "I Can't Wait Another Minute" topped the charts. Well for those of you who know this group, I'm quite sure you're wondering what the hell happened to them! Well, the group members are name Rodrick Clark, Toriano Easley, Tony Thompson, Marcus Sanders and Russell Neal. Before the second album was released Easley left the group. In 1994 the entire group decided to call it quits. Later Thompson decided to release his own solo project. The group made a comeback in 2005 with four new members and they released an album in 2006 titled "The Return". This story also has a very sad ending. Tony passed away in 2007 from inhaling air conditioner fumes. The group achieved so much in such a short time. Much love to Hi-Five(the originals)