Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rumors of Bow Wow Dating Ashley from Reality Show College Hill

Rumors, rumors, can't live life without them. First Bow Wow and Omarion have been said to be gay, and dating. This time the rumors aim at Ashley from reality show College Hill(Atlanta) and Bow Wow. It was said that the two were dating, which they both have denied. According to a statement released by Ashley she says,"The rumors are false. Bow Wow and I went out a few times as friends several years ago, but it was nothing more than that," Ashley R. In a statement released by BET she said "We did not date then and we're not dating now. My boyfriend Michael and I have been together for over a year now. We are very much in love and remain deeply committed to one another. Like I said on the show, there will be no cheating. Our relationship is true, and no rumor can change that." Those statements were made earlier but(don't quote me on this) I heard she flipped the story around and clearly stated Bow Wow was gay after previously announcing that he wasn't! Seems like he called her out of her name, which may have led to her changing her story. So, the drama continues, I'll keep you updated!