Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Singer Mariah Carey Makes History

Mariah Carey has yet ANOTHER number #1 single on the Billboard. If you are reading this please don't act like it's a surprise to know that she just made history, come on people it's Mariah! :P Do you know how many #1 singles she has had!? 18! She just surpassed Elvis in having the most #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. "Touch My Body" is her current single and by no surprise it is one of the hottest songs in the country. Last time I checked she had the top spot on 106 and park, she's also on the TRL countdown, so she's taking over all of the video top spots too. AHHH!! It's the MARIAH TAKE OVER!! Oh not to forget her album EMC2 drops April 12. So who's doing it better then Mariah right now? *starts singing Alicia Keys* "No One!, No One! Nooo Onnneee!" Mariah Quote: "For me, in my mind the accomplishment is just that much sweeter," she said. "In terms of my ethnicity, always feeling like an outsider, always feeling different ... for me it's about saying, 'Thank you Lord, for giving me the faith to believe in myself when other people had written me off.'"