Friday, April 25, 2008

Remembering Lisa Nicole Lopez[Left Eye]

Today Lovenheartmusic remembers Lisa aka Left Eye who died on April 25th 2002. Lisa...what can I say, she was the rock of TLC. The energy that she brought to the group can never be regained. It was just something about her that made her stand out. Lisa wasn't afraid to step out and be herself. When no one else would she did. I watched her documentary from Honduras that she filmed right before her death and it was the most moving thing I've ever seen. It just seems as if she knew her life was about to change, she literally seen her own death. That documentary tells SO MUCH. She really shows you who "Lisa" is behind the fame and all the negative characteristics people insisted that she had. I watched up until the end to just a few seconds before the accident, that was one of the hardest parts to watch just because I knew at that point her life was over.

It is just truly an amazing film. It really allows you to see who she really was. Much love to Chilli and Tionne(remaining members of TLC) they have showed a lot of strength since the passing of Left Eye and have really tried to unite the fans to help coupe with her death. She showed the world that her life was completely different from what they saw through their eyes. Thanks Lisa for all the years of great music and memories.