Thursday, June 12, 2008

Remy Ma Will Release Mixtape This Month While In Jail

Rapper Remy Ma was sentenced to 8 years in jail last month for shooting her friend last year outside a club. She is releasing her mixtape "BlasRemy" later this month. The mixtape will basically surround all of this issues she has been faced with from last year and throughout this year. Papoose(Remy's fiancee), Jae Millz, Chingy, 3Sum, Jackie-O and Shawna will all be featured on the album. Remy will be releasing her sophomore album soon but no date has been set.

I'm glad Remy is showing determination to carry on even from behind bars; however she's in jail for a situation that could have very well been avoided. She made a very ignorant decision and now she has to pay the price for that decision for the next 8 years, which means her career is in jeopardy of going down the drain . Hopefully now she will wise up and make better choices. I wish her the best.