Thursday, June 26, 2008

Russell Simmons Will Pay 20k a Month In Child Support Per Daughter!

Documents in the Russell and Kimora Simmons divorce case state that Russell will have to pay 20k a month in child support for each of his daughters, Ming Lee and Aoki up until 2022 according to TMZ.

Wow, My question is what the hell is Kimora doing? I personally don't think those girls need that type of money when their mother is sitting home counting her millions coming from her clothing line of Baby Phat(which I don't even like) along with everything else she has all thanks to Russell. I could understand if Kimora was broke living the average life but she's no where near being that. I know Russell can afford to pay that amount of money but it's just crazy being that both parents are rich and can very well afford to give their daughters a lavishing life style without one having to pay up 20k per month, per child. CRAZINESSS!!