Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stay Out Of Britney's Way

A photographer filed criminal charges against Britney Spears last month after she ran over his foot six months ago for failing to stop after an accident involving an injury. Prosecutors now say he is refusing to pursue the case. It seems as if the hold incident was his fault. Deputy District Attorney Joseph D. Shidler says, " The only way the victim's foot could have been where the video indicates it to be was by the victim placing it in that location." There was actually a videotape of the incident which shows photographers all around Britney's car, but it doesn't show the photographer being hit. It is said that Britney was driving at an extremely slow rate of speed and in a straight path.

Things like this happen when the paparazzi are so desperate to get a picture. I understand it's their job but in that situation either take the picture and move out of the way or get run over!